Love Language:

What it Means:

Lifestyle Based Ideas:

Physical Touch

Making your body feel good, focusing on physical well-being

Cardiovascular exercise ° Yoga ° Massage ° Hugs ° Strength Training ° Skin care routines ° Comfortable bed

Acts of Service

Doing things for yourself that make your life easier and healthier

Eating healthy, plant foods ° Drinking Water ° Coaching ° Meal/grocery delivery services ° Calming bedtime routine ° Personal Training ° Boundaries

Receiving Gifts

Creating space for and investing in what bring you joy

Time with friends and loved ones ° Relaxation ° Vacations ° Investing in yourself ° Pampering time

Words of Affirmation

Using positive and encouraging self-talk

Gratitude journals ° Visualization ° Meditation ° Values Alignment ° “I AM” statements ° Vision Boards ° Personal Goals

Quality Time

Spending time on yourself doing things you love to do

Quality Sleep ° Reading ° Healthy, supportive relationships ° Mindfulness and Meditation ° Time in Nature ° Volunteering ° Hobbies ° Building Community