Back to Sleep Online Course. Thank you for your interest in the Back to Sleep program, a go at your own pace sleep improvement course. Whether you are having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or not getting enough sleep, this course is designed to help you with simple lifestyle changes to get back to sleep quickly! With your subscription you will get education on what goes into healthy sleep including: a detailed break down of sleep hygiene, how to create a healthy bedtime routine, and important modifiable sleep factors called inputs – all of which lead to restful sleep. The course will include homework and videos along the way to walk you through some of the nuanced material.

KitchnRx Lifestyle Prescription Online Course. I would love to have you join me for some in-home cooking that is all plant-based, wholesome great foods to eat. I found this to be a healthy way to prepare meals for my family and the benefits it provides. I do this from my own kitchen and share recipes, prepping and hands-on cooking. 

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